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Wednesday, 18 May 2016 20:16

Trees for the Less Fortunate

Overview This project eases the effects of poverty during the Christmas season by donating live Christmas trees.  Screening is done by the Food Bank who give out "Vouchers" to qualified families that are redeemed at the JCI Tree lot.  The project also sells trees to the general public to raise funds for the chapter.
 Value to Membership  JCI Members learn how to operate a small retail business from start to finish.  
 Past Chairs

2003 - Jeremy Voss

2004 - 

2005 - 

2006 - Aaron De Mille

2007 - Syd Bolton

2008 - Brenda De Mille

2009 - Aaron De Mille

2010 - James Hood

2011 - James Hood

2012 - Shawn Stemmler

2013 - Shawn Stemmler

2014 - N/A

2015 - N/A

2016 - N/A

 Budget  ~$15,000
Skills Learned Salesforce Management, Sales, Merchandising, Inventory Management, Cash Handling, Marketing

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