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Wednesday, 16 November 2016 21:39

The Great Debate Featured

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JCI Brantford competed in a friendly debate Monday evening with the local Toastmasters Club at Charlotte Villa. The meeting kicked off with chairman Ken Klunder, both a Toastmaster and member of JCI Brantford, going through the proceedings of self introductions, flipping the coin to choose sides, and general announcements. Then the grammarian, and JCI member judge, Michelle Giffin, presented the word of the day, Ambagious, meaning "roundabout" or "circuitous". Ken then turned things over to local entrepreneur -and the evening's guest moderator- Lucas Duguid. Lucas took to the podium and covered the rules and regulations, he introduced the topic, "whether the government should impose a tax on foreign property investment", then turned the floor over to the team captains. Each team member spoke about the topic, for and against, with great delivery, considering it was the first time for many participants, and audience members. In the end, it was a close decision, but team JCI Brantford came out unanimously victorious. The feedback was very positive and many excited conversations could be witnessed after the meeting concluded. Fantastic job by all who participated and attended. We look forward to our rematch challenged by local Toastmaster president, Nate Friedman. #jcibrantford

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