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Tuesday, 09 February 2016 13:21

A Great Start to 2016! Featured

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The January General Members meeting is usually a long one - there is a lot of business to discuss and not a lot of room for our usual shenanigans (No fine session!).  This is the meeting where the newly elected JCI Executive present the plan for the year.  We're talking about the Chapter Business Plan (CBP) presentation, complete with budgeting and strategic goals.  Before an executive can move forward, the membership must vet the great plan with a vote.
President Adam Marshall started the meeting with words of wisdom and reminded the members that since the CBP was precirculated, that discussion would be limited to addressing issues rather than presenting the whole plan.  A smart move since we aim to complete all of our meetings within 2 hours.  
The Vice Presidents Michelle Yuile and Jason Freeze gave their presentations.  Michelle's portfolio this year focuses on projects and community partnerships, while Jason's is centered on member retention, recruitment and marketing.  
JCI members were honoured to welcome National Vice President Joy Butler, who inducted new JCI Members Darrin Knill and James Reinelt. 
Michelle wasted no time getting project commitments as you can see from this list:
Trivia Night:
        chair = Michelle Y
        members = Michelle G, Josh, Jeremy, Rob Y (alumni)
Membership & Promotions Committee:
        chair = Jason F
        membership: Adam, Mark, Aaron, Darrin, Michelle Y
Breakfast in the Square:
        chair = vacant
        membership: Josh
Car Rally:
        no volunteers
Golf Tournament Committee:
        chair: (past president) Michelle G
        members: James, Valentina (prospective)
Christmas Trees Project:
         chair: Michelle G
         members: Aaron, Valentina (prospective)
Strategic Planning Committee:
          chair: Michelle Y
          members: Adam, Thomas, Jason, Aaron, Michelle G
Santa Claus Parade Committee:
          chair: Jessica C
          members: Jeremy, Michelle Y, Jason, Aaron, Michelle G, James, Amanda,
                              Valentina (prospective)
LOTS Conference Planning Committee:
          chair: Thomas
          members: Michelle Y, Jason, Adam, Darrin, Joy B (JCI National VP for Region)
Junior Achievement Committee
            members: Aaron, Mark
Talent Show :
            members: Josh
Debate Event:
             chair: Jeremy


Jason reinforced his commitment to members by encouraging participation and involvement.  


The CBP was passed in short order, and everyone left with a feeling of accomplishment and vigor. 


What a Great Start!  

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