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Saturday, 13 February 2016 00:00

Poker Bowling

Bowling is a great way to spend time with friends during the cold (or sloppy) winter months.  Members of JCI Brantford met at Star Lanes bowling alley on Saturday, Feb 13th for a good time and a side game of poker.  And at JCI events, you don't even have to PLAY to win - as one of our newest members Mandy English found out when she won the first Poker hand.  We might have bent the rules a bit for her and had a rotating schedule of "surrogate" bowlers to stand in while she cheered on the sidelines and nursed a sore wrist.   


In attendance was JCI members James Reinelt, Mandy English, Secretary Thomas Ferris, VP Jason Freeze (who we now blame for weather this time of year),  Jeremy Voss, and organizer Aaron De Mille.  About half way through the night President Adam Marshall visited to support the social as well as VP Michelle Yuile and and member Shawn Stemmler. 


Although no-one recorded the scores (perhaps conveniently), it was a night of fellowship and fun, and is a great way to meet JCI members for the first time or to hang out with friends.



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Friday, 29 January 2016 22:59

Hoops, Friends and Wheels.

The smell of burning rubber still fresh their senses, the JCI Brantford "Jammin' Jaycees" take home a victory for the team and a respectable 1/2 record.  Attending a Wheel Chair Basketball Tournament is no small affair. You must wear proper hand protection for starters.  And whatever you do, don't try to jump shot or you will feel the referees wrath.  The tournament is run by Participation House and organized by Doug Hunt and his team and has been going on for over two decades - at least some of us "old Jaycees" have been doing it for at least half that time.  


This years team was led by Mark Smith who rallied his team consisting of President Adam Marshall, Treasurer Aaron De Mille, Secretary Thomas Ferris, Amanda Baker, Jeremy Voss, Alumnus Rob Y. and Guest Lorne H. 


The event was very well attended and we saw many familiar faces and some new ones.  Our first opponent was the Fanshawe College team who drove an hour from London for this event.  Although they put up a valiant effort, they were no match for the Jammin Jaycees.   Our next match was against the Brantford Firefighters.  We started slow but eventually gave them a run for their money.  We ultimately lost at a "close" 10-26.  Sweaty, and tired with a feeling of accomplishment, the team returned to their Saturday happenings.


The JCI WCB Team is a wonderful opportunity for members to raise their awareness of the physical challenges that some face, as well as raise money towards the support services that PH provides. 

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