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JCI Brantford and the City of Brantford have partnered to bring you a once-a-generation celebration! As you know our great nation turns 150 years young in 2017, and because of our years of experience with the JCI Brantford Santa Claus Parade, the City of Brantford approached JCI Brantford to bring their dream of a special summer parade to life for the citizens of Brantford and beyond.
On June 3, 2017 starting at the Civic Centre and proceeding up the hill and ending at Harmony Square, the daytime Brantford Celebrates Canada's 150 Parade will include many favourite bands and entries, but in a different setting. 
There's still time to enter and there's no cost to participate. We hope to see you out there in your red and white waving to the crowds, or cheering on the floats as they pass by. To register, please visit Brantford Celebrates 150
 to enter a group or float. For any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Brantford Celebrates Canada's 150 Parade chair, Michelle Giffin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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Thursday, 06 April 2017 16:18

Canada150 Registration


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We will advertise for your during the parade on TV - but you have to tell us what you want us to say, otherwise it won't as effective.  Please write our script so that you get the coverage that you want.


Size Matters

The marshalling area must be arranged so that no driveway is blocked.  This means we need accurate measurements - especially for large tractors - or else we can not line you up properly as you will block a driveway.



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Wednesday, 18 May 2016 20:15

Annual Santa Claus Parade

Overview This project celebrates the sprite of Christmas with the Brantford Community.  Over 30,000 people attend this event annually to enjoy community floats, high quality bands, and of course - Santa!
 Value to Membership  JCI Members learn how to operate a large city event. 
 Past Chairs

1975 - Unknown Member
1976 - Unknown Member
1977 - Unknown Member
1978 - Unknown Member
1979 - Unknown Member
1980 - Unknown Member
1981 - Unknown Member
1982 - Unknown Member
1983 - Unknown Member
1984 - Unknown Member
1985 - Unknown Member
1986 - Unknown Member
1987 - Unknown Member
1988 - Unknown Member
1989 - Bill O'Leary
1990 - Bill O'Leary
1991 - Dave Arsenault
1992 - Stan Gorecki
1993 - Stan Gorecki
1994 - Stan Gorecki
1995 - Angela DiFelice
1996 - Angela DiFelice
1997 - John Underwood
1998 - Tony Leone
1999 - Sean Bradford
2000 - Jim Elliott
2001 - Jim Elliott
2002 - Syd Bolton
2003 - Syd Bolton
2004 - Blaine Field
2005 - Jeff Jones
2006 - Michelle Miller
2007 - John Fleming
2008 - Jeremy Voss
2009 - Brenda De Mille
2010 - Syd Bolton
2012 - James Hood
2013 - Rushelle Irons
2014 - Amanda Baker
2015 - Shawn Stemmler

2016 - Jessica Collins 

 Budget  ~$30,000
Skills Learned Public Relations, Budgeting, Sourcing, Manpower Management, Logistics, Mapping, Accounting, Marketing, Advertising, Management

Parade Past Events

Parade Upcoming Events

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016 11:35

2016 Santa Claus Parade Chair

JCI Brantford congratulate Jessica Collins for stepping up to be the 2016 Santa Claus Parade Chair.  Jessica has worked on the Parade committee for several years and promises to deliver the best parade ever!  She is looking for active members of the community to help her as there are many jobs to do and many hands make for light work!  More information can be found at the official parade website:



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