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Thursday, 18 January 2007 00:00

2007 OTC Details

From Great Lakes Region President Jeremy Voss

OTC this year will be ONE day: Saturday January 20th, 2007. It will be in a central location: the Legion building in Stoney Creek. And it will be affordable: $50 per person.

Here are the details:

Stoney Creek Legion 12 King Street East Stoney Creek, ON L8G 1J8


  • 8:30am ACHIEVE
  • 12:30pm Officers Training and Chapter Business Plan Primer
  • 4:30pm Board Meeting
  • 6:00pm Induction Ceremony
Note: we may reverse the morning and afternoon session depending on attendance

You will be provided with refreshments throughout the day as well as a working lunch. Dinner is not included but we may gather at a local restaurant to be determined.

Each Chapter President is required to be at the Board Meeting. If you absolutely cannot be there the next best thing to do is proxy your vote with someone else from your Chapter. The agenda for the meeting will be attached to a separate email which will also include the minutes from the last Board table (I'm having problems attaching it to this email which I've already delayed longer than I should have).

Remember that each Chapter is required to have at least three (3) Executive members at LOTS in order to qualify for the Efficiency Award.

I apologize to those that enjoy LOTS as a fellowship weekend. I enjoy this aspect as well - hopefully next year we can return our LOTS to its former Grandeur. We need to strengthen our Region before that can happen. As you can see this session will be focused entirely on training. We can do lots of social activities at our Spring and Fall Conferences.

Thursday, 02 November 2006 00:00

JCI Brantford 2007 Election

JCI Brantford voted in a new executive for 2007 last night. The winners are:
  • President - John Fleming
  • Immediate Past President - Ross Forsyth (acclaimed)
  • Internal Vice-President - Michelle Prest
  • External Vice-President - Syd Bolton
  • Membership Vice-President - Brian Loder
  • Treasurer - Aaron Demille
  • Secretary - Shawn Stemmler (appointed)
The outgoing Executive will pass the torch officially to the new Executive at a Crossover dinner to be announced. Congratulations everyone!
Ross Forsyth and Syd Bolton Even though the loss of Bingo has had great impact on many of the programs offered by the Brantford Jaycees, there is some good news. The Kelly Foundation, a local foundation started by the late Stuart & Lillian Kelly, has stepped up with a five-year committment to continue the Jaycee Bear program. This program provides teddy bears to children in stressful situations, such as a ride in an ambulance or in an abusive home. The bear often allows children to point out where they hurt to medical personal by pointing to the bear and not having to speak. The committment allows for $1500.00 for each of the five years.
Expositor ArticleThe Brantford Jaycees would like to warn the public that another organization, pretending to represent the Brantford Jaycees and Great Lakes Region Jaycees has been phoning around soliciting donations. The Brantford Jaycees do not raise funds in this manner.

If anyone does phone you please get the information about the organization and forward that information to us on our hotline at 519-761-2574.

Saturday, 14 September 2002 00:00

Jaycees Attempt Stilt Walk World Record

Expositor Photo On Saturday, September 14 2002 the Brantford Jaycees attempted a new world record: the most kids on stilts. The record was achieved with 56 kids walking around on modified paint cans. The event was held in conjunction with the opening of the new Tourism Centre in Brantford and proceeds went to Participation House.

The event was covered by the Expositor and this photo appeared in the September 16 2002 newspaper.

Thursday, 02 November 2000 00:00

2001 Executive Elected

The Brantford Jaycees voted in a new executive for 2001. The winners are:
  • President - Syd Bolton
  • Immediate Past President - Paul Oddi (acclaimed)
  • Internal Vice-President - Jamie Hill
  • External Vice-President - Sandy Moss
  • Membership Vice-President - Michelle Bohemier
  • Treasurer - Rick Sopko
  • Secretary - Dale Vanderheyden
The outgoing Executive will pass the torch officially to the new Executive at a Crossover dinner to be announced. Congratulations everyone!

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